Etiquette Clothiers commissioned me to work from inception to completion on developing a creative platform for the label’s “Art of Socks” viral, video and print launch. The project’s aim was to present the art of sock making in an intelligent and inspiring light by focusing on the actual “sock laboratory” technique, the premium craftsmanship and the unique aesthetic balance of British dandyism, American classicalism and Japanese detailing. This project involved creating unique branding copy to introduce and accompany the “Art of Socks” short film. Additionally, I have written copy and worked on creative concepts for the label’s footwear and undergarmet line since its 2011 launch. Etiquette has since established itself as a reference and authority on socks and underwear.

The Art of Socks

Socks are one of the world’s most basic necessities. And as legwork aesthetes, we are dedicated to the artistry of transforming these apparent basics into pieces of exception. The “Art of Socks” is a tribute to our affinity for premium craftsmanship, unsurpassed design and a healthy dose of high-end flair. We see socks as bespoke offerings that favor quality over quantity and singularity over convention. In other words, we’ve elevated the craftsmanship of sock making to an artform. Single-minded, perhaps, then again considering that our pieces have attracted instant loyalists from the high to the humble after just one fitting, why not? Call us sock arbiters if you will – the quiet authority on exceptional dressings for your feet.

Speaking of socks, our wordlist aesthetic, accented by hints of British dandyism, classic Americana and Italian tailoring with Japanese details defines each of our collections. Favoring stylish understatement with a classic edge, each creation is a prized array of heel-to-toe must-haves in a range of colors and cuts that are made first and foremost with elegance and wearability in mind. Our palette of luxury yarns, including alpaca, cashmere, merino and wool-silk blends, as well as the classic royal combed and gassed mercerized cottons from Filpucci, Filartex and Filmar, are all you’ll need to keep your feet well-heeled for any occasion.