SUR LA TERRE : Casa Calma


In 2008, the Swiss-based luxury magazine decided to bring their high style vision stateside for a New York premier. I was asked to be Editor-in-Chief from 2008-2010 during which time I oversaw the production of each publication from the drawing board to the newsstand. As a proponent of a sophisticated, international lifestyle, I was asked to explore and predict the next wave in metropolitan tastemaking trends rather than to merely report on them. The magazine featured reviews of the top New York restaurants, hotels, boutiques and soirées as well as the latest happenings in London, Doha, Moscow, Monaco, Zurich and Dubai.

Casa Calma

A signature oasis in the womb of a heaving metropolis, Casa Calma is the kind of natural elixir that caters to mind, body and above all soul. Claiming to be among the first hotels in Argentina with plans to adhere to an organic mantra, the focus is on integrating a wellness lifestyle experience into each guest’s stay.

Innovative design and a truly luxury-minded atmosphere are the trademarks of this South American Elysium. Not to mention the rooms, which are designed as individual spa retreats, and include mini swimming pools, saunas and Scottish baths, or the vertical garden, which acts as its own natural wonder. If you’re feeling too pampered and cut off from the real world, you have only to head out to the famous San Martin Square or stroll down the sprawling Sante Fe Avenue in Buenos Aries’ thriving downtown. The balance between internal respite and exterior adventure provides the perfect traveler’s cocktail. The guarantee is that you will leave feeling calm, rejuvenated and a little bit sexier than when you arrived. If you make it that far that is. Sometimes being in a place this sublime makes you rethink your vision of home.