TRUE: Front Tier

I was asked to become the TRUE Agency’s Editor-at-Large with the task of developing original editorial content for the website and brand. With offices in London, New York and Paris, TRUE defines and implements effective content strategies to reach, engage and inform selected audiences. Due to the management team’s roots in publishing, TRUE provides credible recommendations and tailored content solutions to clients all over the world using emerging media technologies to help brands and institutions innovate.



Front Tier

Daniel Peddle, casting director, artist and filmmaker, is a frontiersman of the first order. Eighteen years since discovering his calling, he’s finding talent for Givenchy, Phillip Lim and Comme des Garçons, among an über roster of fashion houses. Meanwhile, he’s still keeping a very healthy stride with his longtime passions for painting and filmmaking; he shot his first experimental short Last Things while studying graduate film at NYU and has since produced three epiphanous feature films. His agency, The Secret Gallery, formed with longtime partner and fellow visual pioneer Drew Dasent, is the go-to source for undiscovered beauty and uncommon edge. An artist with multiple and multi-layered projects, Peddle comingles his gifts to form intense moments of awakening coupled with more private windows of retreat. His craft is the art of refined exploration, of sifting through the human morass and unearthing its coveted delights. As he put it, “The streets of New York become like streams for me, a never-ending source of potentially amazing people.”